Marvel Super Special

Publication information

Marvel Comics



Publication date
1977–November 1986

Number of issues
40 (#1-6 and #8-41)

Creative team



Cary Burkett, Tom DeFalco, J. M. DeMatteis, Sharman DiVono, Mark Evanier, Danny Fingeroth, Michael Fleisher, Steve Gerber, Archie Goodwin, Larry Hama, Sid Jacobson, Stan Kay, David Anthony Kraft, Ralph Macchio, Bill Mantlo, Rick Marschall, Roger McKenzie, David Michelinie, Doug Moench, Steve Moore, Dennis O’Neil, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman



Brent Anderson, Kyle Baker, Bret Blevins, Joe Barney, Joe Brozowski, Rich Buckler, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Howard Chaykin, Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Ernie Colón, Ron Frenz, Jackson Guice, Larry Hama, Jimmy Janes, Gray Morrow, Win Mortimer, Paul Neary, Michael Netzer, George Pérez, John Romita Jr., Marie Severin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson, Dan Spiegle, Frank Springer, Mark Texeira, Alan Weiss, Al Williamson, Mary Wilshire, Dean Yeagle



Ian Akin, Alfredo Alcala, Kyle Baker, Rick Bryant, John Buscema, Bob Camp, Vince Colletta, Ernie Colón, Tony DeZuniga, Brian Garvey, Carlos Garzon, Armando Gil, Dan Green, Richard Howell, Klaus Janson, Al Milgrom, Jim Mooney, Gray Morrow, Paul Neary, Rudy Nebres, Tom Palmer, Ralph Reese, Jacqueline Roettcher, Tony Salmons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Spiegle, Frank Springer, Romeo Tanghal, John Tartaglione

Marvel Comics Super Special was a 41-issue series of one-shot comic-magazines published by American company Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1986. They were cover-priced $1.50 to $2.50, while regular color comics were priced 30 cents to 60 cents, Beginning with issue #5, the series’ title in its postal indicia was shortened to Marvel Super Special. Covers featured the title or a variation, including Marvel Super Special, Marvel Super Special magazine, and Marvel Weirdworld Super Special in small type, accompanied by large logos of its respective features.
These included, primarily, film and TV series adaptations, but also original and licensed Marvel characters, and music-related biographies and fictional adventures.
Issue #7 was withdrawn after completion, and never published. Issue #8 was published in two editorially identical editions, one magazine-sized, one tabloid-sized.


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