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The Black Cat manga series features characters created by Kentaro Yabuki. The story follows a young man named Train Heartnet who withdrew from an elite group of assassins called the Chronos Numbers two years earlier and is now a Sweeper, or bounty hunter. Many of the characters are humans with superhuman strength, speed and/or supernatural abilities. Black Cat’s anime adaptation features some characters not created by Yabuki, as well as many plot differences.


1 Main characters

1.1 Train Heartnet
1.2 Sven Vollfied
1.3 Eve
1.4 Rinslet Walker

2 Supporting characters

2.1 Saya Minatsuki
2.2 Tearju Lunatique
2.3 Woodney

3 Chronos

3.1 Sephiria Arks
3.2 Belze Rochefort
3.3 Emilio Lowe
3.4 Kranz Maduke
3.5 Nizer Bruckheimer
3.6 Anubis
3.7 Jenos Hazard
3.8 Baldorias S. Fanghini
3.9 David Pepper
3.10 Ash
3.11 Lin Shaolee
3.12 Beluga J. Heard
3.13 Mason Ordrosso

4 Apostles of the Stars

4.1 Creed Diskenth
4.2 Shiki
4.3 Charden Flamberg
4.4 Kyoko Kirisaki
4.5 Maro
4.6 Doctor
4.7 Durham Glaster
4.8 Echidna Parass
4.9 Leon Elliott
4.10 Eathes
4.11 Deak Slathky
4.12 Preta Ghoul

5 References

5.1 Black Cat manga

6 Other sources

Main characters[edit]

The main characters of Black Cat. From left to right: Sven Vollfied (back), Train Heartnet, Rinslet Walker (back), Eve.

Train Heartnet[edit]
Train Heartnet (トレイン ハートネット, Torein Hātonetto?), also known as Black Cat (黒猫, Kuro Neko?), is the protagonist and a Sweeper partnered with Sven. Train is a lighthearted, courageous man who is highly skilled with a gun. The 23 years old’s distinguishing features are a choker with a tiny bell attached to it and the XIII tattoo he has on the left side of his chest.[1]:26 Two years earlier Train was a Chronos Number, a ruthless assassin and Number XIII of the group. He has a large amount of killing intent that he honed from his days as a Chronos member, and as a result he often has sudden mood swings, going from carefree to serious in an instant, especially when Creed is mentioned. This personality stems from being orphaned at 10 years old after the assassin Zagine Axeloake kills his parents, takes Train in and teaches him how to kill with efficiency.[ch. 68] Zagine eventually d